NXP Announces Complete Software Availability of MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Allowing Design Flexibility Across LPC and Kinetis Microcontroller Portfolio

AUSTIN, TEXAS – April 4, 2017 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. today released the MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which completes full availability for its MCUXpresso suite of software and tools that unifies development support for its powerhouse portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs). The new IDE enables customers to design across thousands of NXP's popular LPC and Kinetis MCUs based on ARM® Cortex®-M cores, while using the same software suite.

The MCUXpresso IDE features simple, scalable and user-friendly interfaces and tools and is built to leverage the capabilities of the highly popular MCUXpresso SDK and Config Tools. The new feature-rich, Eclipse-based framework completes the trio of powerful MCUXpresso software development solutions and provides access to thousands of new project wizards and clone projects, saving designers valuable time by giving them a head-start to customize their own innovations.

"If design tools are simple, yet comprehensive, our customers stand a much better chance of designing tomorrow's next amazing innovation," said Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of the microcontroller business line at NXP. "This unified software enablement gives developers more choice in high-quality controller solutions to fit their design needs. NXP will continue to stay ahead of the design trends and expand our MCUXpresso software and tools to support a variety of products in the future, ensuring our customers have access to the most comprehensive design tools on the market."

MCUXpresso IDE

Available in full-featured free and professional upgrade editions, the MCUXpresso IDE unifies Kinetis and LPC microcontrollers under a set of compatible tools. With a dedicated quickstart panel, automatic probe detection and configuration, and an intuitive project creation and cloning wizards, the MCUXpresso IDE is designed to ease developers through the setup and optimization of their projects to application design and even multicore development. The MCUXpresso IDE supports full-featured, advanced debugging with unlimited code size and code profiling in the free offering, adds advanced trace features in the professional edition, and preserves hardware investments by supporting Freedom, Tower® System, LPCXpresso boards and custom hardware platforms.

MCUXpresso SDK and Config Tools

This MCUXpresso SDK release adds new device support and includes examples and project files for use in the new MCUXpresso IDE. The MCUXpresso SDK also now includes support for NXP's NTAG I2C Plus connected NFC tag for home-automation and consumer applications and will soon support the FRDM-KW41Z board designed for portable, extremely low power applications requiring Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) v4.2 and IEEE® 802.15.4 RF connectivity. The MCUXpresso Config Tools offers a single powerful configuration environment with pins and clocks tool for dynamic generation of initialization C code, and quickly guides users to example projects and web-based tools for rapid board bring-up.

For step by step guides to get started with NXP's MCUXpresso software and tools, customers can also visit the FRDM-K64F Freedom board page or the LPC5460x OM13092 development board page, and engage with the online MCUXpresso communities.

Learn more about MCUXpress IDE: www.nxp.com/mcuxpresso/ide
Learn more about MCUXpresso Config Tools: www.nxp.com/mcuxpresso/config
Learn more about MCUXpresso SDK: www.nxp.com/mcuxpresso/sdk


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