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The first European Enterprise Linked Data Award winners

We are honored to win the first EU Linked Data Award. Thanks to everyone for all your support. We received the award for our innovative Enterprise Data Hub.

Our Enterprise Data Hub integrates data from different databases using standard web technologies. All available data about a product, from different sources, can be combined in a single overview. With the help of shared identifiers we can easily merge, for example, electrical characteristics with product lifecycle data. We also link the products to other things like places, technologies, applications, documents and web pages to provide additional context. Our aim is to provide a single, up-to-date ‘canonical’ source of information that is easy to use and that data consumers (be they human or machine) can trust. This allows us to ensure that all our publications are kept up-to-date with the minimum amount of fuss.

Realization is cost-effective due to standard formats, models and technologies. This enables users to more easily access the information they need. Furthermore, the Enterprise Data Hub ensures that information published in different places is consistent and up-to-date.

Introductory video

The data hub is based on web standards, such as:


September 28, 2015 at 1:46 PM EDT
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