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Learn from our experts at ARM TechCon 2015

This year at ARM TechCon, in Santa Clara, California, November 10-12, we have pulled together experts for a day of training sessions, starting on Wednesday, November 11 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Grand Ballroom C.

First up is Andy Beeson presenting 'the LPCXpresso - Jumpstarting your NXP MCU Project Development!' Here attendees will learn how to develop real applications on our LPC microcontrollers using the LPCXpresso development platform for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Ravi Shah and Andy Lin follow with 'Are You Ready for USB Type-C?' USB Type-C offers new features and benefits. Reversible plug orientation, data rates up to 10 Gbps, and an unprecedented, scalable, 100 W power-delivery capability that can power higher wattage devices and support faster charging.

Next with 'Secure Cloud Connectivity Simplified' are NXP’s Gordon Cooper and Nick Dutton of domain-expert partner, Zentri. In this session attendees will learn about the challenges involved in designing a secure, WiFi-enabled, cloud-connected product that can be addressed with a new solution based on our microcontrollers.

In the afternoon we have Carmelo Sansone, discussing 'Growing Use of Sensors and the Challenges of Always-On Sensor Processing'. This provides an overview of the growing use of sensors in product designs, the role sensor processing plays in these designs, as well as the challenges and techniques required when designing for low power and always-on applications.

Ending the day Shashank Goel and Ian Morris will present 'Introducing mBed-3.0 Thread Platform'. They review the new mBed Thread platform with a special focus on connectivity solutions and how to build Thread products using mBed-3.0 on our devices.

In addition, please visit us in the ARM mBed Zone (booth#512) to learn about the latest innovations in IoT connectivity. We can't wait to see you.

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October 26, 2015 at 1:43 PM EDT
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