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Movandi and NXP Collaborate on 5G

February 20, 2019 at 3:34 PM EST

Partnership  to deliver performance-optimized solutions to connect 5G everywhere


BARCELONA, February  20, 2019 – Mobile  World Congress 2019 NXP Semiconductors N.V.  and Movandi, a privately held company with a mission to  revolutionize 5G everywhere, today announced  that they have formed a joint partnership to  collaborate on millimeter wave (mmWave) solutions for 5G networks. The  partnership will combine NXP’s digital networking and signal processing portfolio  with Movandi’s innovative RF transceiver and systems architecture to deliver  high-performance 5G solutions and the wireless communications infrastructure  for applications such as  smart homes, self-driving cars and future mobile cloud-based services.

5G is set for rapid deployment, but in order to truly  achieve the requirements of very low latency, high bandwidth, greater  availability, faster speeds, and consistent coverage, it must overcome challenges  such as line of site and blocking, high path loss and self-install issues. The  technology must also deliver reduced lag time between devices and cell towers while  ensuring constant connectivity and total geographic coverage, even in the most  remote, hard-to-reach indoor areas.

To meet these challenges a new approach to millimeter  wave systems design is required. NXP and Movandi are working to solve these  impediments with high-speed communication solutions which combine each  company’s expertise and technology. 

“The growing partnership with Movandi brings NXP new opportunities,”  said Tareq Bustami, senior vice president, Digital Networking, NXP. “Movandi’s  disruptive solutions for 5G applications address the growing challenges of  deploying 5G millimeter wave networks and interface well with NXP’s advanced 5G  modem technology.  Our partnership will  impact nearly every sector of innovation, bringing to life the promise of  connected-driven experiences through edge computing, autonomous driving, AI, 5G  and beyond.”

NXP will contribute products from the Layerscape family  of high-performance Arm®-based communications processing platforms  and programmable baseband processing. Layerscape SoCs possess a common hardware  and software architecture and are scalable in performance, power and cost.  Hardware differentiation is provided by programmable acceleration and offloaded  security. On the software side, NXP provides solution-level packages for  specific applications including wireless, cloud, security and virtualization.

“NXP’s systems experience gained over multiple  generations of wireless networks and its portfolio of digital  processing technologies now combined with Movandi’s innovative integrated RF  front end, from baseband to millimeter wave, enables the next generation of 5G  and multi-gigabit connectivity that is driving new markets and applications,”  said Maryam Rofougaran, Co-CEO of Movandi. “Our technology partnership has allowed  us to develop our BeamXR system that we are introducing this week. “This and  other  new solutions are expected to  deliver a high level of performance and  flexibility to help ensure that 5G technology can be broadly and successfully  deployed in the real world.”

Movandi will bring its world-class radio frequency (RF)  design, beamforming capabilities, and high-receive sensitivity for 5G to the  partnership. Movandi provides high levels of performance while maintaining a  great deal of modularity and flexibility to help ensure that 5G and mmWave  technology can be implemented across numerous use cases and deployment scenarios.

Together the partners aim to enable wireless service  providers with solutions that optimize internet speeds and provide a superior  connected experience while overcoming the common delivery barriers that can  deteriorate 5G signals.  Demonstrations  incorporating technologies from Movandi and NXP are on display during Mobile  World Congress, 25-28 February. Please use the contacts below for more information.

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