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New FlatPower, low leakage Schottky rectifiers

We have released ten AEC-Q101 qualified low leakage Schottky barrier rectifiers in the FlatPower SOD123W and SOD128 packages. These rectifiers offer a reverse voltage of 60 V and 100 V and average forward currents of 1 A, 2 A and 3 A. They also offer a low reverse current of 1 µA max, as well as low forward voltage drops down to 660 mV.

Thanks to clip-bond technology, FlatPower packages offer higher power capabilities on a small footprint of only 2.6 x 1.7 mm (SOD123W) and 3.8 x 2.5 mm (SOD128). Together with a height of only 1 mm, the small package size makes these devices especially suitable for designs where high performance in limited space is needed.

The Schottky barrier rectifiers offer a reduced leakage current, even at high temperatures. This makes them ideal for automotive applications such as airbags, ABS and engine control systems.

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Key features and benefits

  • Reverse voltage VR ≤ 60 V and 100 V
  • Average forward current IF(AV) ≤ 1 - 3 A
  • Low reverse current IR ≤ 1 µA at 60 V and 100 V
  • Low forward voltage VF
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • High temperature applications up to 175°C

Key Applications

  • Polarity protection
  • Automotive application
  • SMPS / DC-to-DC converters
  • High temperature application

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May 25, 2015 at 1:55 PM EDT
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