Press Release

NXP Announces Availability of AWS Greengrass Hardware Security Integration on Layerscape and i.MX Processors

December 3, 2018 at 1:20 PM EST

Eindhoven,  Netherlands – December 3,2018 – As part of the overall vision to secure IoT edge devices, and cloud to edge  connections, NXP Semiconductors today announced the general availability of AWS Greengrass Hardware security  integration on Layerscape and i.MX applications processors. This feature is a natural extension of  the built-in hardware root of trust, tamper-proof secure storage, and trusted  execution environment (TEE) available on all NXP applications processor  platforms. The AWS Greengrass Hardware security integration enables hardware-secured,  end-to-end encryption for messages being sent between the AWS Greengrass Core  running on NXP applications processors and the AWS IoT cloud, or on other edge  devices using the AWS IoT Device SDK.
Earlier this year, NXP introduced a  software infrastructure called EdgeScale to simplify and unify how data is  collected, curated, and processed at the edge. EdgeScale provides comprehensive  end-to-end secure provisioning and device management solutions for NXP-based  systems. The latest release of EdgeScale adds support for automatically  provisioning the secure software layer and PKCS#11 crypto standard interface on  top of NXP’s applications processors enabling a seamless development and  deployment experience for customers who deploy the AWS Greengrass Core onto  NXP-based edge devices.

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