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NXP Announces New Cost-Effective i.MX RT Crossover Processors

September 4, 2018 at 5:48 PM EDT

Shenzhen, China – September 5, 2018 – NXP Semiconductors today announced the cost-effective i.MX RT1015, the latest addition to the i.MX RT crossover processors line that expand the series to four scalable families. The i.MX RT1015 delivers a powerful combination of power efficiency and embedded security needed for cost-sensitive applications in consumer electronics and thousands of Industrial IoT applications.

The new RT 1015 delivers optimum processing using an Arm® Cortex®-M7 running at 500 MHz with real-time operation and applications processor-level of functionality.

Features include:

High Performance and Integration
High Security enabled by AES-128, HAB and On-the-fly QSPI Flash Decryption
Rich Audio interface with three I2S for multichannel high-performance audio
High Speed USB with PHY

Low BOM Cost
Competitive Pricing
Fully integrated PMIC with DC-DC
LQFP package enabling 2-layer PCB design

Software Support:
MCU customers can leverage their current toolchain (MCUXpresso, IAR, Keil)
Rapid and easy prototyping and development with Amazon FreeRTOS, MCUXpresso SDK, Zephry® OS, Arm mbed™ OS and the global Arm ecosystem

About the i.MX RT Crossover Series
The i.MX RT crossover are designed to bridge the gap between high-performance and integration while minimizing costs to meet today's need for high performance embedded processing at the edge node. The series delivers the industry's highest performing microcontrollers (MCUs) with functionality of applications processors, at reduced costs, thereby enabling advanced computation and machine learning capabilities in millions of connected edge devices.

Pricing and Availability
i.MX RT1015 is scheduled to be available early Q4 2018 with a suggested retail (MSRP) of $1.48 USD for 10K quantity.

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