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NXP Demonstrates Intelligent Traffic Control and Communication Solution at CES 2017

January 4, 2017 at 8:10 AM PST

Taking a step further on the road to autonomous driving and smart mobility, NXP today announced it will demonstrate Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) capabilities with a new Intelligent Traffic Control & Communication solution at CES 2017.

The marriage of sensing, analysis, control, and communications holds great promise for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Intelligent Roadside Units (RSUs) are most needed where vehicle traffic is highest and leading smart cities around the world will employ Intelligent RSUs to help smooth traffic flow and increase safety. As the market leader in automotive sensors (radars, cameras, and motion), V2X communication modules, processors for driver assist systems and communication equipment, NXP is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions for RSUs and other intelligent transportation systems equipment

NXP's Intelligent Traffic Control and Communication Solution demonstrates V2I capabilities to sense, think, act and communicate including:

  • Direct sensing of road users such as vehicles and pedestrians via cameras and RADAR,
  • Direct sensing and communicating beyond line of sight of road user with V2X, and
  • Indirect sensing via Cloud provided information.

The intelligent infrastructure solution uses sensor fusion to provide traffic flow optimization, Vulnerable Road User Warnings and traffic light control while sending direct communications of signal phase and timing to approaching vehicles. In addition, the system provides broadband wireless hotspot connectivity via cellular and Wi-Fi modules.

Powered by NXP's flagship QorIQ® LS208X processor family, the solution integrates the RoadLINK® V2X chip set, the S32V ADAS processor, long range RADAR from RFBeam which incorporates NXP's MR3003 77 GHz radar transceiver and S32R radar MCU.

At CES 2017, NXP's Intelligent Traffic Control and Communication System will control a simulated pedestrian crosswalk and interoperate with a V2X equipped highly automated vehicle. Attendees and media are invited to experience the demonstration at the CES Self Driving Technology Marketplace, located in the Gold Lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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