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NXP Introduces Industry’s Smallest 8-pin GX Logic Package for Mobile, Portable and IoT Applications

Reduce PCB Assembly Costs; All Standard Logic Functions Now Available

SAN JOSE, California, Nov 7, 2016 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) today introduced the world's smallest leadless logic package for 8 lead logic functions. Measuring just 0.8mm x 1.35mm and only 0.35 mm in height, the GX 8 (SOT1233) package is especially suitable for mobile, portable and IoT applications as it not only saves space and has a more rugged design, it also reduces PCB assembly costs.

The new GX 8 leadless package addresses the continual trend in electronic systems towards smaller and smaller packages, low-power consumption and low system costs. Previously, NXP has released 5- and 6-pin functions in the GX package. Now with the availability of the 8-pin package, most Mini Logic functions are available making it simpler for design and production engineers to respond to market requirements. 

Similarly, design cycle times are being reduced, so it's not always possible to include all the features that are eventually required using a single chip solution. NXP's logic devices are used to provide the interface between the different ASICs and with this new introduction, most AXP, AUP and LVC functions are now available in a GX package, addressing designers' needs for the largest spectrum of standard logic functions in the smallest package possible.


Functions in the GX 8 are sampling now and will go into mass production later in the fourth quarter 2016. Recommended distribution unit pricing for the devices starts at US $0.42 unit for 1,000, US $0.35 for 10,000 and US $0.30 for 100,000 piece quantities.

Product information:

50 Years of Logic: Leading volume supplier of Logic worldwide

NXP Semiconductors is deeply committed to the logic market and continually invests in new process and package technologies, as well as packaging facilities, to offer a leading-edge portfolio. Over the last 50 years, the NXP logic business – starting as Signetics and then Philips Semiconductors – has supported growing global demand for logic. As the no. 1 volume supplier in the world, NXP can support the highest volume logic requirements while offering a broad variety of industry-leading package solutions.

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November 7, 2016 at 3:00 PM PST
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