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NXP Strengthens FeliCa Ecosystem to Advance Mobile Payment and Ticketing Experiences in Japan

February 21, 2019 at 5:16 PM EST
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News Highlights

  • NXP solution brings mobile  payment convenience to global travelers ahead of worldwide events in 2020 and  beyond
  • Unveils solution to allow global travelers to use  their phones for mobile transactions in Japan
  • Enables Japanese consumers to conduct mobile  transactions across borders

Tokyo, Japan – February 21, 2019 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI), today announced  it has collaborated with FeliCa Networks, Inc. to strengthen the  mobile payment and ticketing ecosystem as part of  Japan’s preparation for worldwide events in the future. NXP’s new GlobalPlatform®  based solution, PN81 series supports and integrates FeliCa, EMVCo, mobile transit MIFARE in a single solution to allow smartphones and other  mobile devices to conveniently bridge mobile payments in Japan and across  borders, and feature mobile ticketing, access control, and loyalty programs.
  “With anticipated global events in 2020 and beyond, people are  looking for ways to manage crowds, reduce lines and bring more convenience to  travelers,” said Rafael Sotomayor, SVP and general  manager of secure transactions and identification at NXP.  “The NXP PN81 series with FeliCa support features near field communication (NFC), embedded  secure element (eSE) technology, and supports worldwide security standards such  as GlobalPlatform to help unlock the potential of secure seamless transaction  and access use cases that many people can appreciate.”
  Until now, OEMs have  implemented NFC and embedded Secure Element (eSE) solutions tailored to the Japanese market,  resulting in a limited global compatibility of  their devices. Commencing with the PN81 generation, NXP’s  solutions integrate FeliCa compatibility  to enable smartphone and wearable OEMs to use the same NFC and eSE components across  regional borders and networks. That allows Japanese consumers to access global NFC  applications, while worldwide travelers can securely perform FeliCa payment and  ticketing services with their devices.
  “FeliCa Networks and NXP share the vision to provide global travelers and  mobile phone owners in Japan an integrated contactless experience for payment,  ticketing, and other popular use cases towards 2020 and beyond,” said Tomoharu Hikita, President  and CEO of FeliCa Networks.  “NXP’s  PN81 series is the first chipset certified by the Mobile  FeliCa Chipset Certification Program launched in 2018 and would also support the continuing evolution of FeliCa Networks’ Mobile FeliCa platform and solution for better security, utility and performance.”
The collaboration with  FeliCa Networks underscores NXP’s leadership in mobile payment and ticketing in  Asia, following a number of NXP’s strategic collaborations that support  an increasingly mobile lifestyle. NXP technology enables a rapidly growing number of original  equipment manufacturers (OEMs), popular manufacturers of smartphones and public  transport operators seeking to integrate secure NFC applications.

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