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On November 17-19, we showcased our solutions at the AIPIA 2015 high tech packaging event in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

At this year’s AIPIA World Congress, alongside Stora Enso we presented how smart packaging solutions drive value for brands. At the Congress, brand owners voiced their demands on active and intelligent packaging solutions. Leading A&IP providers showcased their latest technology enhanced innovations.

At our shared booth everyone could experience how brands can benefit from our joint development partnership, seeing multiple live demonstrations of our advanced intelligent packaging solutions. All made possible by Stora Enso’s excellence in packaging design, development and vertical integrated production capabilities, and our #1 leadership in RFID-NFC chip technologies.

The opportunity for value creation for brands is vast – encompassing brand security, supply efficiencies, and smarter consumer marketing.

We had a great time presenting our packaging solutions to our visitors as we introduced our latest platform on therapy adherence. Here's how it works.

An NFC-enabled sensor is embedded in blister packs or pill bottles and tracks which medication was removed at what time from the package. The information is recorded by the user simply tapping their smartphone to the package. Tracking data can subsequently be used to offer therapy specific and personalized services to support patient, care-giver or healthcare professional.

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Thank you to everyone who joined us at the event.

See you next time!


November 23, 2015 at 1:33 PM EST
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