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Our new medium-power transistors with solderable side pads

Introducing our first medium-power general-purpose transistors with solderable sidepads in DFN2020D-3 (SOT1061D). The 23 new types with Vceo values of 20-80 V offer a collector current of 1-2 A on just a 2x2 mm small footprint. All types are AEC-Q101 qualified and come with an exposed heat sink for excellent thermal and electrical performance. Suitable for automatic optical inspection (AOI).
In comparison to the SOT89, our new transitors have 80% board space reduction. A low package height of only 0.62 mm makes the new product ideally suitable for space-constrained power management applications.
The new types complete the medium-power general-purpose transistor portfolio that now include more than 100 types in packages DFN2020, SOT89 and SOT223.
You can find datasheets and parametrics on the medium-power general-purpose landing page.
Check out the Medium-power general-purpose transistor leaflet.
Key features and benefits
-          High collector current capability IC (up to 2 A) and ICM (up to 3 A)
-          VCEO ranging from 20 V to 80 V
-          Ideally suited for space-constrained medium-power applications
-          High-power dissipation capability
-          Exposed heat sink for excellent thermal and electrical performance
-          High energy efficiency due to less heat generation
-          Leadless, very small SMD plastic package with medium-power capability
-          100% solderable sidepads, suitable for automatic optical inspection (AOI)
-          AEC-Q101 qualified
Key applications
-          Linear voltage regulators
-          Battery-driven devices
-          MOSFET drivers
-          Low-side switches
-          Power management
-          Amplifiers
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July 13, 2015 at 1:37 PM EDT
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